Congrats are in order for Korean star So Ji-Sub! On April 7, 2020, his label, 51K, confirmed that he and Cho Eun-Jung have officially tied the knot. The news came only a year after the actor confirmed that they were dating, but where did they first meet? & have they shared any details about their wedding? Here"s what we know.

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She"s a former TV presenter và reporter who"s best known for her appearances on League of Legends and several SBS entertainment programs. The 26-year-old actually studied dance at Ewha Woman"s University, but then decided to switch paths & pursue a career in television.


She worked with her label, Imagine Asia, & started out as a presenter on the trò chơi channel OGN in 2014. Then, two years later, she moved on lớn SBS lớn work on shows lượt thích One Night of Entertainment and Access Showbiz Tonight. Cho was also a reporter on the business show, Midnight TV Entertainment, Hanbam. But in 2018, she ended her contract with Imagine Asia. As of now, she"s continuing her education & no longer works in the television industry.

While đến was still a reporter at SBS, she did an interview with the 42-year-old actor on Access Showbiz Tonight. It was in March of 2018 when she sat down with him & one of his co-stars lớn talk about their new film, Be With You.


During their interview, mang lại asked him to choose between being good-looking, well-mannered, or a skilled actor. He chose skilled acting, but also shared that people didn"t consider him “good-looking” when he was starting out. In response, cho hilariously turned to lớn the camera with a look of utter disbelief.

It"s no surprise that there was a spark right after that interview. According khổng lồ So’s agency, they started developing feelings for each other after they did their interview.

In 2019, they said: "They met through a television program last year, & first met socially through friends. They became fond of each other and started dating."


So reportedly shared that he"d met someone special on Instagram, but he was careful lớn not mô tả too many details. He said: "It is a little hard khổng lồ say, but I would lượt thích to tell you that I have met someone special. We have a good relationship, but there are still a lot things I feel I need to lớn be careful about."

As for Cho, she took the approach of keeping her entire personal life offline. After cutting ties with her agency, she deleted all of her social media pages, including Twitter & Instagram, & hasn"t made any public statements about her romance with So.

So"s agency, 51K, confirmed that the couple registered their marriage, making them husband and wife. However, it sounds lượt thích the newlyweds have no intention of sharing the details of their small ceremony.

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In a statement, 51K said: "In respect lớn the couple’s wish to lớn cherish their happiest & most important moment quietly, the wedding ceremony will be held in private with only family members present."

The current coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly influenced their wedding plans, but this hasn"t stopped the amazing couple from doing what they can to help.

The agency added: "To contribute a small comfort in this difficult time for everyone, So & Cho have decided to lớn donate 50 million won ($40,800) khổng lồ Good Neighbors & provide tablet computers và smart devices lớn children who lack educational support."