Remember America’s Funniest home Videos? That’s what viral videos used to look like. We’ve come a long way since then, right?

With the advent of social truyền thông media and the rise in popularity of websites like YouTube, viral videos quickly began khổng lồ pop up. From Charlie bit my finger lớn Dave after the dentist, short, funny videos were getting a lot of views in a short amount of time.

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Even though a lot has changed with viral videos since 2010, they still have some of the same key qualities today.

Stick around to lớn learn more about the strategy behind viral videos, why they’re so useful, & how you can potentially make one yourself with

What is a viral video?

So, you want to make a viral video. But what does that really mean?

A social media viral video’s defining characteristic is that it spreads quickly via the Internet. Videos can go viral on any platform that hosts clip content. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—you name the platform, and there’s bound khổng lồ be a viral clip on there.

In theory, anybody can make a viral video. But it’s not that easy to achieve. We’ll get into that in just a bit.

5 easy tips on how to make a video clip go viral

Even though there’s no scientific formula, there are some key factors (other than luck) lớn keep in mind if you’re hoping to lớn make a viral video:

1. Keep it short and sweet

Our attention spans are shorter now than they have ever been. This is why you should get khổng lồ the point of your video early on.

Try to make your đoạn phim as short as possible without missing out on the key points you’re looking to get across lớn your audience. The length depends on which social truyền thông platform you’re using, but as long as you keep it entertaining for the majority of your video, you’re bound lớn keep your viewer’s attention.

For example, TikTok only allows creators to make videos for up lớn 3 minutes. When you’re competing against millions of 15-second videos on an app that’s designed for users khổng lồ endlessly scroll, your 3-minute đoạn clip might not go viral.

2. Have a clear point

What’s the point of your video?

Are you trying khổng lồ make people laugh? do you want lớn inform them about a topic you’re passionate about? vị you want to nói qua a story near và dear to your heart?

Having a niche is a great way khổng lồ make sure you’re reaching a specific audience.

It also helps if you’re super passionate about your niche. Not only will your audience be able khổng lồ tell, but it will make the đoạn clip creation process way more fun for you.

3. Stay relevant

On social media, trends come và go in a matter of days. Make sure your video is relevant khổng lồ what’s going on in the news, pop culture, or mạng internet discourse.

If you see a TikTok or YouTube trend, there’s no shame in joining in on it. Just make sure you add your own spin lớn it—that’s what will make you stand out from the rest.

4. Try lớn be relatable

Viral videos heavily rely on sharing. Your viewers will nội dung your video clip with their friends & family if they connect with it.

Being relatable boils down to being your raw & honest self. In the end, we’re all human & have never had a quality experience. Use that lớn your advantage & connect with your audience.

Do you have a specific pet peeve? Are you feeling particularly isolated and want to lớn reflect on your feelings? Just talk khổng lồ your camera like it’s your friend. People are bound to lớn relate, find it funny, or empathize with you.

In the end, all we’re looking for is human connection.

5. Be consistent

The chances of making a viral đoạn phim on your first try are pretty slim.

Don’t be discouraged, it’s a perfect opportunity to find your niche và grow your audience.

Try posting on a consistent schedule multiple times a week. You’re bound to lớn get more views if you post more frequently and consistently. Và who knows, maybe the next one you post will go viral!

How many views make a video clip viral?

A clip will have lớn reach millions of views quickly to be considered viral.

Now, you might be asking yourself: “how many millions are we talking?”

Well, there’s not a magic number of views that automatically makes for a viral video. But let’s just say, it’s a lot.

1 million views used lớn be considered viral back in 2015. Nowadays, we’re looking more at the 5 khổng lồ 8 million range, or even higher in some cases. Remember, that’s all in the matter of a couple of weeks.

Viral videos are probably more common than you think. Although good luck goes into making a viral video, it happens to lớn people every day.

And there’s a huge market for it. In 2021, TikTok had 1 billion users and YouTube had 2.3 billion. Think of all the possible eyes you could have on your next video.

The benefits of viral videos

More views, likes, & followers. What more could you want?

The benefits of going viral are massive. Think of it as a clip marketing campaign without all the time & money spent.

If you go viral on your business account, you’re more likely lớn gain followers, which is bound to increase sales or build your community. If you go viral on your personal account, you’re able lớn leverage that following in your next videos and create rapport with your audience.

A viral video is a clear indicator of success. It lets you know what resonates with your audience. Take that as a sign & run with it. There’s no shame in using the same video clip format again.

5 creative viral đoạn clip ideas

In 2020, there was a total of 244.4 million people watching videos in the US alone. That’s a huge audience. It can be daunting to post video content, especially if you’re just starting out.

Here are some ideas khổng lồ help you come up with your own viral video:

1. Comedy video

Take the time to lớn brainstorm funny ideas, outline what you want khổng lồ say, then practice before hitting record. If you’re stuck on where to lớn start, look for inspiration from events in your daily life.

2. Music video

Music videos have historically done well on platforms lượt thích YouTube. If you’re already a musician, this one’s a no-brainer.

If you aren’t musically inclined but still want lớn give it a go, try a parody music đoạn phim by making up your own lyrics to lớn another song.

3. Challenge video

Challenge videos usually do well, especially when they’re already trending.

If you see a challenge đoạn clip going around, try making one of your own. Even if it doesn’t go viral, it will still be fun to lớn make.

4. Funny animal or baby video

We all love a wholesome moment. If you already have a funny clip of your pet or your baby in your camera roll, consider repurposing it as a potential viral video.

If you think it’s funny, chances are your audience will too. You can always địa chỉ music over it to lớn enhance its comedic tone.

5. Prank video

Prank videos are a classic. But beware, they might have lasting effects on your personal relationships.

How lớn make a viral clip with

Making a viral đoạn clip with is super quick & only takes a few easy steps.

Select a template or start from scratch

Unsure on where lớn start with your viral video? No worries. You can browse our list of templates to help you come up with your next idea.

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We recommend a template that will hook your viewers right away. The vị trí cao nhất 5 menu template can make that happen.