Are you getting the error “Apache shutdown unexpectedly”? Well, this article will help you sort this problem and carry on with your work.

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PM 04:22:16 Attempting to lớn start Apache app…PM 04:22:18 Status change detected: runningPM 04:22:20 Status change detected: stoppedPM 04:22:20 Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.PM 04:22:20 This may be due khổng lồ a blocked port, missing dependencies,PM 04:22:20 improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method.PM 04:22:20 Press the Logs button khổng lồ view error logs and checkPM 04:22:20 the Windows sự kiện Viewer for more cluesPM 04:22:20 If you need more help, copy và post thisPM 04:22:20 entire log window on the forums

First, check which process is running in your port 80. Try the following command in your terminal

net stop http

The above command will stop the process which is using your port 80.

If you are not interested in stopping that process & you want it to lớn be running. Then you have khổng lồ change the port for apache server. Below are the steps lớn change the port of apache

STEP #1: xuất hiện the XAMPP Control Panel as administrator.

STEP #2: In the XAMPP Control Panel, Left click on the Configbutton corresponding to Apache


STEP #3: Select ‘Apache (httpd.conf)’ from the drop-down menu. Notepad will open.

STEP #4: Find Listen 80 & convert it to lớn Listen 81.(or some other port number as per your wish)

NOTE: When you try khổng lồ run xamppyou should use “localhost:81/dashboard/” instead of “localhost/dashboard/”

STEP #5:Find ServerName localhost:80 khổng lồ ServerName localhost:81

STEP #6: Save the notepad. Be sure that you can save the notepad file only if you mở cửa the XAMPP control panel as an Administrator. Now, start the Apache. It will run now.

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If you have any problem regarding this, mention it in comments. I will try to lớn solve your problem.


If you are using Skype, vày the following steps:

Open SkypeTools -> Options -> Advanced -> ConnectionUncheck the “Use port 80 and 443 for alternatives for incoming connections” checkboxSign Out và Close all Skype windowsRestart your Apache