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Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

Download DEAD TRIGGER MOD app android (Unlimited Money) on, you can freely shoot into hordes of zombies without worrying about running out of ammo.

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Introduce about DEAD TRIGGERMOD apk version of DEAD TRIGGER

Introduce about DEAD TRIGGER

DEAD TRIGGER is one of the successful games of MADFINGER Games. It has shown that, despite being released late, it is not inferior lớn super products like SHADOWGUN LEGENDS and UNKILLED. Coming to lớn this game, you will enjoy the feeling of fighting with zombies from the first-view. Get ready lớn step into endless & fierce kích hoạt battles.


An unexplained pandemic has occurred across the globe. It has turned people into zombies, causing them to attack other living people uncontrollably. The government and the army are both helpless against the rapid spread of disease. Soon, all cities & countries around the world have been defeated by this evil epidemic.


Most people are turned into zombies. Only a few survived. They try khổng lồ survive to find a remedy against the disease.


DEAD TRIGGER is not just a first-person shooter game but it also combines many factors such as role-playing, horror & survival.

You are không lấy phí to act và move in a wide-open environment. That means you can play your way, killing fierce zombies in a variety of ways. The difference between humans & zombies, that is the brain. That’s right, they can’t think or have any strategy. You can bait them come lớn one place and use explosives or heavy bombs and let them explode.

Be careful when going deeper into the đô thị center, the zombies will become much harder to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with. You need khổng lồ concentrate and be always ready to fight. Nobody knows at the over of the road what is waiting for you.

Lots of modes

You can choose lớn play according lớn the plot. If not, play in the direction due khổng lồ participation in unlimited quest sequences. There are more than 10 quality environments khổng lồ explore.

Besides chiến dịch mode, you can participate in rescue mode for survivors in 4 different environments. Many people are incapable of fighting, they cannot fight against these aggressive zombies. You are their last hope. Plunge into dangerous areas and rescue the unfortunate victims.

Winning a battle, the game rewards you with an amount corresponding to lớn your performance in battle. At the same time, the system will be unlocked more weapons as well as upgraded features for the main character. In addition, you can also earn extra money or valuable items by participating in casinos.

Continuation of battle with zombies in Dead Trigger 2.


Guns are the most effective weapon against zombies. They have the ability khổng lồ destroy from a distance, bởi not give enemies the opportunity to lớn approach.


DEAD TRIGGER offers players a huge and powerful collection of weapons. These guns are simulated closely khổng lồ reality, such as Colt 1911, Striker, Scorpion or Minigun.

If you prefer melee weapons with great destruction, Chainsaw & Brain Mill are the better options. In addition to guns, the game also offers a variety of melee weapons và bombs including blades, mines, tia laze mounted guns, grenades, radars…


Join DEAD TRIGGER, you will admire the impressive 3d graphics. High-quality, sharp and realistic images. The effects are also very smooth và epic, promising lớn bring you the best visual experience.


You should phối the graphics with the highest quality if you want to lớn experience the best of the game. However, the game also requires a well-configured phone to run the game smoothly.

MOD app android version of DEAD TRIGGER

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy items & upgrade weapons even if you don’t have enough money.

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Download DEAD TRIGGER MOD apk for Android

DEAD TRIGGER has fast-paced shooting gameplay. The danger is always lurking in you, zombies appear constantly, sometimes you will need a few minutes of rest after a long fight. With graphics and attractive gameplay, it has a position in the danh sách of favorite games of many players. What about you? Experience & leave a reviews to let us know!

Because of the violent element, the trò chơi requires players to lớn be over 16 years old.