Hometown phụ thân Cha phụ thân actor Kim Seon Ho has managed lớn wade through his recent controversy, and seems khổng lồ be getting back on track.

Kim Seon Ho was last seen in Hometown phụ thân Cha Cha. (Photo: Kim Seon Ho/Instagram)

South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho, who became a sensation among K-drama fans after Start-Up and Hometown phụ thân Cha Cha, found himself in a controversy last month. The actor’s former girlfriend had written an anonymous post, accusing him of emotional abuse và even forcing her khổng lồ get an abortion. However, he seems khổng lồ have un-cancelled himself within weeks.

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It appears as if the actor’s life is slowly limping back to normal, after being dropped from ads, & upcoming shows. Brands such as Domino’s Pizza Korea, Canon Korea và Food Bucket had pulled down his ads, when the controversy erupted. However, face mask brand Miima, Canon Korea & e-commerce platform 11Street all restored his ads following positive reports in the press. In fact, according lớn South china Morning Post, 11Street recorded an astronomical transaction in a day on November 11 after the actor returned in their ads, generating 200 billion won (US$168 million) in sales.

Apart from this, Seon Ho’s Instagram following saw a massive jump as well, from 7.3 million to 7.9 million. Owing khổng lồ his fiercely protective fan-base, he won two popularity polls at 2021 Asia Artist Awards.

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While he was compelled to exit from two major films he was supposed to lớn star in – Dog Days and 2 O’Clock Data, he will remain as the lead of Sad Tropics, NME reported. There was also a petition in favour of his return to 2 Days & 1 Night. The show’s chief producer Lee Hwan-sun responded in a statement: “We would like to clarify that both sides held a negotiation process with each other before making that announcement.”

After his show Hometown phụ vương Cha phụ vương ended on a high, allegations of Kim Seon Ho being emotionally abusive khổng lồ his ex-girlfriend began to vày the rounds after an anonymous netizen wrote a lengthy post, where she mentioned that he forced her to get an abortion. The post went viral & Seon-Ho & his agency put out a statement, ‘apologising’ for his actions. However, the effect was instantaneous as Seon-Ho was dropped from ads, và two films he was supposed lớn star in, Dog Days và 2′ O Clock Data.

The story was far from over— as Korean outlet Dispatch did an investigation on the matter. The outlet showed that contrary lớn what the woman mentioned in her post about them having to keep their relationship a secret, the couple was spotted at a cafe. Messages between her & Seon Ho were disclosed where she ‘apologised’ for lying about her whereabouts on one occasion. Messages were released by Seon-Ho, showing that the couple had deliberated over the abortion, & they did not break up owing to his fame, but due khổng lồ her ‘unsettling actions’. After the investigation, Kim Seon-Ho’s life seemed to slowly get back on track.

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The actor hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since the controversy, & fans are eagerly waiting for his return.

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