Did T-ara Really Bully their Younger Members?

T-ara is the girlband under MBK Entertainment who debuted in 2009. They’ve been on vị trí cao nhất in popularity ever since they debuted, và especially when they released the tuy vậy Roly Poly. T-ara has a lot of members but their most popular line-up consists of Qri, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Boram, Hyomin, & Eunjung. A while after their debut, 2 new members completed the group. Hwayoung joined T-ara as the 7th member in 2010 & Ahreum as the 8th member in 2012. Just as they were at the đứng đầu of their career, some issues suddenly came out about their bad behavior toward a member of T-ara, Hwayoung. There are many speculations about the T-ara bullying scandal. A lot of people are still confused about what actually happened behind the scandal. Some people even put the entire blame on T-ara’s Jiyeon & Eunjung. So here, we will reveal the truth about the T-ara bullying scandal & we’ll also give you the detailed chronology.

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How Did the T-ara Bullying Scandal Occur?

The bullying scandal first came khổng lồ the surface & was spotted by netizens when T-ara held their solo concert in Japan. In the concert, Hwayoung only performed one tuy nhiên because she was reported suffering from an injury.


After some time passed, T-ara’s Hyomin updated her twitter account và expressed her feelings toward Hwayoung’s incident. “There are differences in levels of determination. Let us have more determination”, she wrote. T-ara’s Jiyeon also came & commented on Hyomin’s tweet. “The differences in levels of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ & sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^” she wrote. Starting from a single tweet, the whole story about the T-ara bullying scandal started.

It got even worse after Hyoyoung, who is T-ara Hwayoung’s twin sister posted a tweet saying “Even determination alone is not enough.”. Hyoyoung also added “God, you know everything right?”. After all those incidents, everyone started talking and presuming that Hwayoung was bullied by the other T-ara members.


Not long after that, Hyoyoung tweeted a post saying “My other half is going through troubles.”, to lớn which T-ara Hwayoung replied “I only have you.”. All those posts showed how pathetic Hwayoung’s condition was at that time. A lot of T-ara’s fans were disappointed, và they started lớn hate T-ara members because of the bullying scandal.


T-ara Jiyeon Bullying Scandal Toward Hwayoung


There is a lot of speculation about the T-ara bullying scandal, và two of T-ara’s members who were suspected as the cruelest among all T-ara members, were Jiyeon and Eunjung. Here is some evidence collected by netizen about Jiyeon’s rude behavior toward Hwayoung.

1. Jiyeon Spotted Ignoring Hwayoung When Doing High-Fives


This happened when T-ara came to a Japanese variety show. Jiyeon succeeded in rolling her bowling ball during the game, she then came to T-ara members to lớn give each of them a high-five. But the bad thing is, Jiyeon skipped Hwayoung who sat on the first seat and then she gave high-fives lớn the rest of the T-ara members.

2. Jiyeon Gave Hwayoung Acorn in a Dog’s Bowl


T-ara’s Hwayoung once shared a picture on her Twitter account of a dễ thương gift given by Jiyeon. It was a lego dog that stood in front of acorn bowl. For Korean people, an acorn in a dog’s bowl means something that is related lớn “outcast”.

3. Jiyeon Made Fun of Hwayoung in SNS


Jiyeon is known as T-ara’s most popular member, và she won an online popularity poll among all members. After winning, Jiyeon posted on her SNS account, saying “I won first place in a popularity poll, so I’m sharing this picture~ Oh, and Hwayoung got 0 votes haha. Our poor Hwayoung…keke.”, which brought up another suspicion of her bullying Hwayoung.

4. Jiyeon Embarrassed Hwayoung In Front of Camera


T-ara appeared as guests in “Star Life Theater”, & there was a moment when all of the members were heading somewhere in a car. Suddenly, Hwayoung opened up a book lớn read, which attracted the producer và he said, “Oh, Hwayoung, it looks like you enjoy reading.”. Hwayoung was about khổng lồ answer, but then Jiyeon suddenly said “It’s because of the camera. Wow, you’re really funny. I’ve never seen Hwayoung read a book while being in the same group.”, which led Hwayoung to embarrassment.

T-ara Eunjung Bullying Scandal Toward Hwayoung

There are not many specific moments captured of Eunjung bullying Hwayoung. But Eunjung was once spotted doing something really bad that might cause a death.


T-ara members were invited lớn a Japanese variety show. During the show, Eunjung picked Hwayoung among all T-ara members lớn eat a rice cake. But Eunjung wasn’t only feeding Hwayoung. Instead, she handed over the rice cake, & stuffed the big sized rice cake into Hwayoung’s mouth. Hwayoung’s face looked so disgusted. Rice cake is a food that Korean people lượt thích but at the same time are also afraid of because it is hard khổng lồ chew và eating it in a big form size portion might cause a death.

Other T-ara Members Scandal About Alleged Bullying Case

1. Hyomin Poked Hwayoung’s Face with Her Finger


This happened when T-ara appeared in an episode of KBS “Star Life Theater”. At that time, all of T-ara members stood close lớn each other making a line for their greeting. When T-ara members pointed at the camera, T-ara’s Hyomin was spotted striking her finder upwards, which then poked Hwayoung’s face. This then became one of the pieces of evidence for the T-ara bullying scandal.

2. Boram Came & Broke Hwayoung’s Umbrella


Not only T-ara’s Hyomin, but Boram was also spotted by netizens doing a bad thing toward Hwayoung. During T-ara’s appearance in “Idol Olympics”, there were photos spreading about how Boram attacked Hwayoung from the back and also broke her umbrella.

3. T-ara Members Left Hwayoung Alone


This happened during the T-ara greeting for KBS “Star Life Theater”. As you can see in the picture above, all the members were cracking a joke và were laughing together, while Hwayoung was standing on the left side và staring at the floor. She seemed that the only one who didn’t get the joke.

4. Soyeon and Boram Didn’t Give Hwayoung Any Dumplings


Another speculation happened during KBS “Star Life Theater”. There was a moment when Boram và Soyeon was cooking dumplings for all T-ara members. When they were dropping those dumplings, T-ara Boram suddenly said, “The water’s going khổng lồ spill over if we put in Hwayoung’s dumpling.” và at the end, they didn’t put Hwayoung’s dumpling in.

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5. Hwayoung Joined Sistar and Infinite without other T-ara Members


When they were guests in “Idol Olympics”, Hwayoung was left out by other T-ara members & was sitting alone. Not long after that, Sistar’s Bora and other Infinite members came khổng lồ sit with her. They even took a picture together with Hwayoung without other T-ara members.