The Corre had a slew of problems and was one of the worst factions in WWE history for its short existence in 2011


Since its disbanding in 2011, members of The Nexus have garnered a divided opinion regarding how WWE booked them throughout their tenure. Nonetheless, The Nexus has established a legacy that wrestling fans will remember as time goes by, whether it's in a positive or negative light. And at least The Nexus achieved some success when first arriving in WWE. However, that can't be said about the off-shoot faction of The Nexus, also known as The Corre. Though The Corre was similar lớn what The Nexus represented, this forgotten faction is arguably one of the worst groups in WWE history.

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Initial Success As Part Of The Nexus

When coming up khổng lồ the main roster from the reality show NXT in 2010, The Nexus terrorized the entire Raw brand to where many of the members looked lượt thích they had promising careers ahead of them. Specifically, Wade Barrett looked lớn be the most potential as he took on the leadership role of The Nexus. Initial reactions towards The Nexus angle were positive, as it would've been a perfect platform to lớn launch the careers of some members as singles stars.

The Nexus was also the most prominent heel act on the Raw brand after WrestleMania 26. Being given the top heel of the Raw brand was a massive rub for them.

Wade Barrett's Exile Led to The Corre Being Formed

As The Nexus was involved in a high-profile storyline with John Cena after he got forced khổng lồ join the group, John Cena eventually broke free and got the best of Wade Barrett later on. Because of this, Wade Barrett was exiled from The Nexus after centimet Punk took over the new leadership of the faction. From that point, Wade Barrett mix his sights on Smackdown as he jumped ship to lớn the xanh brand.


Wade Barrett wasn't the only one that left The Nexus, as both Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel also jumped shipped to Friday Night Smackdown after refusing to take the initiative of centimet Punk's version of The Nexus. As they switched lớn Smackdown, they quickly joined forces with Wade Barrett to form a new group called The Corre, a spin-off of The Nexus. Ezekiel Jackson also joined the group after attacking The Big Show.

The Corre Didn't Have Much lớn Begin With

With The Corre being an off-shoot of The Nexus, this Smackdown faction already had a steep mountain khổng lồ climb, considering that many might look at them as just a "knock-off" of The Nexus. Và considering that The Nexus lost some of its credibility after losing the main event at Summerslam 2010, The Corre was going lớn have a difficult time establishing themselves as a serious force that stood out from the roster.

It's worth noting that the members of The Corre weren't exactly superstars one would assume would become breakout stars. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel were utilized as singles performers later but didn't amount to much, as one would expect considering WWE's booking. Ezekiel Jackson became Intercontential Champion after the dissolution of The Corre but had a forgettable run và didn't amount khổng lồ anything significant after losing the belt.

Things Keep Getting Worse For The Corre

Initially, The Corre did achieve some positives through the beginning stages of its tenure. For instance, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater won the WWE Tag-Team Championship at the Elimination Chamber 2011 PPV, & Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental Championship on the March 25th episode of SmackDown. However, things quickly got worse as The Corre was quickly beaten in an eight-man tag team match at Wrestlemania 27 by Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston, and Santino Marella while also losing their eventual rematch.

It's only been a couple of months, and because of their embarrassing loss at Wrestlemania 27, The Corre lost all credibility that it once had. And it didn't make things better when all members of The Corre tried to lớn assault John Cena and The Rock on an episode of Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 27, only lớn fail miserably, considering they got beaten up by the two. How can anyone take a supposed main-event faction when they lose in quick matches và get beaten up by only two men?

Their humiliation was the nail in the coffin for The Corre. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel later lost the Tag belts to The Big Show & Kane, as The Corre failed to get it back. Ezekiel Jackson then left The Corre group after ongoing frustrations, as soon as the rest of the members decided to end the group when nothing was going right for them.


The Corre Was A Massive Failure

Unlike The Nexus, as they operated for almost a year, The Corre only lasted six months before calling it quits, without even enough time khổng lồ regroup. After WrestleMania 27, it was constant humiliation for all members of The Corre. Because The Corre's tenure was horrendous, WWE at least made the right decision to end the faction early. However, their creative booking for Wade Barrett & the rest of the members did no favors.

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There's no other way of putting it except that The Corre was one of the worst factions in WWE history and got no positive recognition. The Corre being horrible at least makes them somewhat memorable, as sometimes the worst wrestling ideas are remembered. It's a shame because Wade Barrett deserved better than this horrendous creative that he got.