Phần khả năng luyện tập cho mình đọc hai tài năng đọc và nói. Bài viết dưới đây hỗ trợ những gợi ý cũng giống như hướng dẫn giải bài bác tập vào sách giáo khoa. Skills 1 Unit 1: Leisure activities




1. What are the benefits of using computers or thiết bị di động phones for leisure activities? What are the harmful things it may bring us?

Những lợỉ ích của việc áp dụng máy vi tính và smartphone di cồn cho hoạt động thư giãn nghỉ ngơi ngơi? Điều ăn hại mà nó đem về là gì?I think we have 5 benefits and 5 harmful things of using computers.

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Hamful things:

1. When we use computer more than 5 hour per day it can influence to our health: eye disease, backache và many other disease.2. We will be fall of status lack of communication, we will have many virtual friends, however, in real world we don`t have friend ! 3. Many people are addicted game, facebook và chat, it will make us waste time & lazy4. That`s the problem relate virus and insecurity of the internet.5. Internet, specially Google make us are lazy thinking.


1. We can entertain with computer after study & work hard.2. Our study and work will be fast than with computers.3. With e-cormmerce is developing day by day, we can cửa hàng goods very fast and cheap.4. The computer help us save the time with it`s convenient software.5. We can work at home by internet.

2. Read the text and choose the correct answer.

Đọc bài bác văn và chọn câu trả lời đúng. THE “NET GENERATION”

Quang is watering his garden và can`t wait khổng lồ pick the ripe fruit. He spends most of his spare time looking after garden. Sounds great, doesn`t it? But his garden is a virtual one!

 In today`s world, teenagers rely on công nghệ more than in the past. This can be a problem because using computers too much may have harmful effects on both their minds and bodies. They prefer watching TV & playing computer games to lớn reading books, perhaps because they don’t have lớn think và imagine as much. They don’t join clubs or have hobbies & they don’t play sports. They sit in front of the computer all the time. They don`t get out of the house, even for a walk. They are in a world that doesn`t exist.

While quang đãng now knows the names of many plants, & his English seems to be improving as he chats with his “gaming friends” from all over the world, his parents are getting worried. They want him to lớn get out more. They are even thinking of banning him from using the computer.

1. The text is about _________________.

A. Teenagers` leisure time in the past

B. Teenagers` leisure time in the present

C. Adults` leisure time in the present

-> Chọn câu trả lời B

2. The text discusses ___________________.

A. The positive side of using technology in your miễn phí time

B. The negative side of using công nghệ in your không tính phí time

C. Both A and B

-> Chọn lời giải C

3. Write the questions for the answers based on infromation from the text.

Viết những thắc mắc cho hầu hết câu vấn đáp dựa theo thông tin từ bài xích văn.

1. ________________________________________________?

Is Quang’s garden real?

No, it isn`t real. It is a computer game.

2. ________________________________________________?

What is the problem with using công nghệ in your không lấy phí time?

It can harm both the mind & the body.

3. ________________________________________________?

What leisure activities vày teenagers ào these days? They don`t go out but just sit in front of th computer all the time.

4. ________________________________________________?

What is the benefits of using the computer? quang quẻ knows the names of many plants, and his English seems to lớn be improving.


4. Quang & his parents are talking about how he should spend his free time. Decide which statements are from Quang and which are from his parents.

Quang cùng ba người mẹ cậu ấy đã nói về phong thái mà cậu ấy bắt buộc trải qua thời gian rảnh. Quyết định câu như thế nào từ Quang, câu làm sao từ ba bà mẹ cậu ấy.

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Quang’s parents:

Go out và play a sport. It`s good for you!Sitting for too long in front of the computer makes your eyes tired.


My English is much better becasue I surf the net.I think computer games train my mind and my memory.I`ve made lots of friends from the game network. You see your real friends less và less

5. Role-play: WHAT`S THE SOLUTION?

Đóng vai: phương án là gì?

Quang, his parents, và his teacher are discussing the impacts of his using the computer. Play the following roles.