A highly corrosive và toxic chemical with strong disinfecting properties, Sodium Hypochlorite plays an ever increasing role in many industries. However, its corrosive nature và tendency lớn release tiny gas bubbles that can permeate non-metallic pumps poses a major challenge khổng lồ conventional pumping techniques. Iwaki has over 50 years of experience successfully pumping Sodium Hypochlorite & many other aggressive chemicals.

It’s all in the Magnets

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Iwaki’s MDM Pumps exclusively utilize the highest grade Samarium Cobalt (Sm2-Co17) Magnet capsules for better torque at elevated temperatures và proven superior chemical resistance.Comparatively, competitive magnetic designs use less expensive Barium Ferrite or Neyodimium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnets with little or no corrosion resistance to lớn Sodium Hypochlorite. These low-end magnets typically react with their environment, frequently with disastrous results.Manufacturer “A” utilizes an unprotected Nd-Fe-B magnet assembly that is highly susceptible lớn corrosion by chlorine gas permeation.This generally shows up as splitting along the length of the magnet capsule from magnet swelling. Long-term Nd-Fe-B exposure to Sodium Hypochlorite can cause the magnet assembly to lớn lock-up and de-couple, fracturing from differential expansion of the surrounding molded materials.Manufacturer “B” also utilizes a cheaper Nd-Fe-B magnet assembly, protected with a 316 SS shield. Note, 316 SS is not recommended for use in pumping Sodium Hypochlorite solutions.In addition, this 316 SS shield produces eddy current losses and extra heat that can degrade the unique of Sodium Hypochlorite.


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Pumping Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) và Caustic Soda (NaOH) should be done with great care and consideration. Since NaClO is highly corrosive và potentially toxic, precautions should be taken to eliminate any potential leak paths. Given Caustic Soda’slikelihood of abrasive solids precipitation with liên hệ with air, it is known to lớn cause leakage in single mechanical seals, often leading lớn installation of costly, maintenance-intensive double mechanical seals.Iwaki MDM & MX-F Sealless Pumps offer the following advantages over mechanically- sealed designs:

No dynamic sealsMinimized maintenanceLower cost of ownershipIncreased reliabilityElimination of seal flush systemsMinimized number of partsMaximized safetyMore compact designElimination of the single greatest failure mode - the seal

Only The Best Available Materials of Construction

Iwaki MDM & MX-F Sealless Pumps are manufactured with the highest quality materials:Teflon pump casings và impellers for superior chemical resistance và high temperature processing (up khổng lồ 300°F for MDM designs)Fiberglass pumps require cost-intensive curing processes and are still limited lớn 150°F/180°FHigh Purity Ceramics & Silicon Carbide to lớn handle abrasive caustic servicesVirgin PFA và Alpha Sintered Silicon Carbide eliminate ionic contamination and allow for the highest purity bleach production và extended shelf-life for your products.High mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa Carbon Bearings và Thrust Plates protect your process during extended Dry-Run situations.