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Recovering a HP máy vi tính is equivalent to lớn resetting the computer its factory configuration.

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Turn off the laptop.Turn it on and press the F11 key repeatedly until the Recovery Manager (Windows 7) opens.For Windows 10, it’s until the choose an option window is displayed.In Windows 8, it’s until choose your keyboard layout window opens (The máy vi tính restarts). Here are the next steps: Windows 10 Click troubleshoot under the choose an option tabClick recovery manager on the Troubleshoot tab.Click system recovery under help to lớn finally progress lớn recovery. Windows 8 Click recovery manager on the troubleshoot window.Select Windows 8 to open the all-important recovery manager. Windows 7Click system recovery under the I need help immediately tab.Select your preferred backup option when the system recovery asks for your back up preferences.Click OK when and if a warning displays.Click finish (or continue if its Windows 10/8) to reboot the laptop as soon as the recovery is complete.Now go over the typical windows setup until the máy tính finishes the fresh reconfiguration.Again restart your computer to ensure everything sails smooth.You may have to lớn reinstall some or all of your previous software including the antiviruses và business programs (if any) plus any backup files.Using HP Recovery disc khổng lồ run the recovery

Your HP recovery discs (if you already have them) can also be handy.


Turn on the máy tính xách tay and then insert your first HP recovery CD/DVD into the drive.Turn off the computer.Now turn it on.Press the escape key continuously until a window’s startup menu or the select boot device window opens.If you get the select boot device menu, click the correct CD/DVD drive then press enter.If the window requesting you to lớn run recovery from the hard disk appears, choose the “Run program from disc” option and click next.Select “Recovery discs created from your computer”/ “Recovery discs received from HP support” option appropriately.Select factory reset/ reset the computer by erasing the entire drive và restoring lớn the factory setup depending on what’s shown on the screen. Click OK to hide the warning that appears.Follow the steps responding where necessary. Also, insert the next recovery disc when prompted.Click finish/next as prompted when the recovery ends.The máy vi tính may turn off or restart automatically. If it turned off, wait about 5 seconds before turning it back on.

TIP: The process sometimes takes as long as an hour so practice patience.

You may have to reinstall some or all of your previous software including the antiviruses and business programs (if any) plus any backup files.Boot from USB recovery drive

Laptops without a DVD drive will need you khổng lồ use your HP recovery USB drive.


Turn on the máy tính xách tay and insert the recovery USB flash disk into the USB port.Now turn off the laptop.Turn it back on.Press the ESC key continuously until a window’s startup menu or the select boot device window opens.The selections you need to lớn make vary slightly depending on the type of menu that displays on your screen:For select boot device menu, select the correct USB storage drive then press Enter.For the startup menu, press F9 to access the boot menu/ device option. Again select the right USB storage drive & press enter.The rest of the steps are as I explained above for CD/DVD.Remember to remove the USB drive before restarting the laptop.

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Fix 6: Perform Startup Repair with a Windows installation disc

All your methods may fail if there is a critical error with your Windows installation. In such an instance, you need to repair the original windows installation using the diskStart your computer and insert a working Windows disc into the DVD drive.

Restart the computer và press F9 (repeatedly) as soon as the HP hình ảnh sản phẩm appears until you see the message “Press any key lớn boot from CD or DVD …”on the screen.Choose repair your computer.In the next system recovery options window, choose the drive where your Windows installation is và click next.Click startup repair in the next dialog.Select system restore and follow the steps until the computer is repaired.

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Fix 7: Reinstall Windows

Reinstall a fresh copy of Windows if everything else fails.